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Immune recharge: Body Self-regulation and Self-healing Techniques

One Week Workshop

24 – 30 April 2023
04 – 10 May 2023
14 – 20 May 2023

Mon – Fri: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Sat – Sun: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Associated Studios, London

About the Workshop

Self-regulation of the body and self-healing

The method uses DNA cells sound found in useful herbs during meditations which were recorded specifically for Mansurova by a world-renowned geneticist Peter Garyaev. The method is peculiar in that it simultaneously works with the body, with energy, and with human information structures. What is it? Why isit still so necessary for each and every one of us?

Raisa Mansurova believes that if there is a way by which the disease comes, then there must be a way by which it can leave. Every cell has a path laid down in us, the path of self-regulation, self-healing and longevity. Self-regulation is based on the development of the properties of each personality, on the possibilities that were inherent in it by nature. Self-regulation can be used as the main tool in absolutely any area of human life and activity, it is even able to increase the protective properties of the body.

The efficiency of Mansurova’s techniques lies in an integrated approach. First of all, she teaches you to listen to your body, work with it to find the cause of the illness, and frees you from the “clamps” that allow the illness to keep hold. After that technique, the method erases the boundary between the subconscious and consciousness and heals psychological traumas from childhood. Under the mantras, you will find your essence and purpose. The pinnacle of this is walking with bare feet on glass or coals.

If the body is reminded to help it, it will recover by itself. It is not a single cell of a certain organ that is restored, but the entire system. It is not an organ (liver, heart, etc.) that breaks separately. If there is an illness, it means that somewhere there was a malfunction in thoughts, something is not going well in the family, at work, etc. If a person is constantly in such an environment or in a depressed state, the chemical composition of the blood is already disturbed, and this is life.

The workshop is intended for:

Seriously ill patients

Those who want to improve their health and life

Those who want to learn how to self-regulate and self-heal

Those affected by Covid

What you will get

The 7 days training course will give you the tools to restore your brain and body. From the very first day of the seminar, you will get into a magical state of well-being. In a matter of minutes, it will begin to restore your brain and body from fatigue and overstrain.
You will receive practical exercises for rapid self-healing of the musculoskeletal and circulatory system. These exercises will help prevent the occurrence of a sudden heart attack and or stroke.
During the course you will learn the Tibetan lymphatic drainage massage technique that will help not only to diagnose the condition of our organs and systems but also to direct them to self-healing.
During the learning process and throughout the course each and every technique and method will be discussed and questions answered.
When teaching the technique of Entering a state of self-regulation, techniques that are suitable for you personally are selected to ensure the best possible results.
In the future it will allow you not only to hear and listen, but also to negotiate with the Mind of your body.
These techniques will allow you to take control of your health and wellbeing, improve your memory, open up your hidden reserve capabilities and tap into your creativity.

This seminar provides the basis and methods and techniques for you to practise self-regulation. It seeks to answer questions and provide solutions to maintain and improve our resilience, health and wellbeing.

Speaker Raisa Mansurova

Doctor of Psychological Sciences, spiritual mentor and practitioner, master of the healing word.

Raisa is a person of the world. In an effort to uncover the secrets of matter, health, and longevity, she lived for several years in South America, India, China, Saudi Arabia, where natives of Peru, Tibetan monks, Bedouins, Indian yogis shared their knowledge with her. In addition, for more than 30 years she has been performing seminars in many countries of the world, where she is always eagerly received. Thanks to her seminars thousands of people have been able to overcome severe ailments.

What is the essence of the objective of this unique specialist?
By sharing the huge amount of her knowledge, Raisa helps people to master the method of self-regulation and self-healing from various diseases and ailments by handing them a special “key”. The “Key to Self” method was discovered in the 80s by the famous Dagestani specialist Khasai Aliyev and was used by his students in many countries of the world. Raisa Mansurova, having been trained by H.Alieva, went even further. She improved the method, enriching it with invaluable knowledge acquired throughout her life, and thereby expanded its capabilities.

Now at her unique seminars, working with people for 5-6 hours daily for 7 days, she helps the suffering to overcome many of their ailments and problems with the help of her improved method and her healing abilities. This is part of her life mission and her spiritual path. The ways of the master and the educator. The results of the seminars are so convincing that documentaries introducing its activities have been filmed in the USA.

Last year’s workshops


Many thanks to Raisa, I have been suffering from spine pain since I was 13. She fixed my spine. I am 41 years old — I do not have lower back pain!!! At 25 I couldn't walk more than 100 meters, I would have sat on a bench and waited for the pain to recede!!!


Thank you, Raisa!!! Thank you teacher!!!!


Dear Raisa! Today I saw your picture with a mango flower. So much positive energy and kindness radiates. Thank you very much for everything. For the first time I learned to feel the body and listen to the soul. For me, thanks to you, a new facet of life has opened up. I received incredible energy at the seminar, which I had not experienced for a long time. What you are doing is a miracle. Low bow to you!

Lina Kemerovo

Dear Raisa Mansurova! From our family and me, I congratulate you on the high holiday of Teacher's Day! You are our most wonderful and great Friend and Teacher! Your life-giving words have been supporting, guiding and inspiring us through life for many years! Accept the warmest and most sincere wishes for love, creativity, health, happiness, inspiration, good luck, luck, patience, wisdom, longevity, ease of being for you, our wonderful Teacher!!!! Low bow to you and many many summers!!!!

Helen Li

About 18 years ago, my mother took me and my brother to a seminar of Raisa. I was a kid and, to be honest, I was shocked by the result. Besides the fact that my psychological state levelled off, I was able to walk on broken glass and manage my mental state. Many years have passed and recently I remembered about that seminar and wanted to remember the old opportunities again. I also remember that at that time Raisa was publishing her book.


Dear, Raisa! Thank you very much for your knowledge, wise and invaluable advice on all issues of existence. There are wings, inspiration and confidence that much can be overcome, learn to live beautifully, joyfully and happily. Low bow to you and endless gratitude and love!


Good afternoon, Raisa. I want to share with you the results of your and my work! I got to the first seminar, one might say, by accident. I was persuaded. There were huge problems with my lower back and vertebra, and I came with them. After the first lesson, I slept at night without pain (until this year I forgot what it felt like to to get enough sleep), but I decided that it was a coincidence. A year has passed and everything is fine with my lower back, my spine doesn’t hurt any longer. I just forgot there were such issues, and there were a lot of them. The heartaches passed, the cyst disappeared, where it was painful to touch the body-it passed, it became much easier for the knees, headaches almost disappeared, I don't remember about cervical spleen, I don't feel the kidneys and you can still list. We still need to work on ourselves a lot, a lot and constantly. Thank you for your health, good mood, and new friends!


Thank you Raisa! For YOUR Work, for the Strength, Will, Energy, Knowledge that you bring to us, to people, invest and contribute to the cultivation of the seeds of goodness, which are so real and valuable! I sincerely wish you and your loved ones a long, happy, grateful and fruitful life! Blooming to You and Joy! With love and Respect to you, Lena.

Lena Koroleva

Dear Raisa, thank you very much for my returned health. I'm 66 and I first came to your seminar a year ago. I had problems with my spine (I had a car accident), with my thyroid gland and memory. It's hard to believe that such big changes have taken place in just 10 months. In an ultrasound a month ago: the thyroid gland is in perfect order, all other organs too. The doctor was just surprised that this happened. Immediately after the seminar I stopped taking any medications, including hormonal ones, which I took for a long time. Regarding memory (I don't even want to remember the diagnosis): I received a certificate in German (scored 90 points out of 100!!!). During all this time, my legs did not hurt. And in September there was a disaster with my granddaughter, she is only 6 years old. Her hip joint became inflamed, the child could not walk. And you immediately responded to our misfortune. From the other side of the world. For my granddaughter Sonya, I bow low to you. Thank you very much. It is such happiness that the child runs again and enjoys life. You make people healthy; you open our eyes to the fact that it is possible and necessary to be healthy at any age, that there is always a (good) way out of any situation. You just need to work on yourself. I have a feeling now that life is just beginning. And so many new friends appeared after the seminar. Thank you!!!!

Lilia Shimske

Many thanks to Raisa for her wonderful seminars. Thanks to them, I gave birth to a wonderful boy, helped my father and came out of the dark after the death of my husband. She is like a guardian angel, always in the right place at the right time. Health to her, patience, strength and good helpers!


My first RAM seminar was in the fall of 1995. I went to the seminar out of curiosity, there didn't seem to be any specific problems, only now it became clear. Hemorrhoids, 18 years after giving birth, during the period of exacerbation, I ran around pharmacies looking for different drugs. It went away by itself, I didn't even notice right away. There was also chronic sinusitis, also quietly imperceptibly as it stopped bothering me. Family relationships have changed. All this happened because I became different. A huge LOVE has settled in my heart for everything. For all this, I thank GOD that I met Raisa on my life path. All these years, RAM is for me. The most important Teacher of life. I bow low to you, my beloved Raisa, long life to you 180 and more, good health, happiness! I love you very much.


Beloved Raisa! Meeting you is a great success for me and my family. Thank you for mine and my mother's health. I still can't come to my senses after she walked! How she believed you! She and I are now one team and we are fighting her illness together. I'm not bragging, I'm sharing ... she's much better and now we're even slowly making plans for the future. (Visiting China is in 1st place in these plans). A low bow to you from me and Vera's mother.


I know you only from recordings from the Internet. But in my difficult moments, you were a huge support to me. When it seemed to me that the world had turned upside down, that life was ending, I watched the recordings of your seminars and found the strength to live on and fight for my daughter. Thank you, live long, peace to all!!!

Mashukova Natalie

My life is divided into 2 halves: before meeting Raisa and after. After the 1st seminar, I became different. My life has acquired light, a new content, there has been a reassessment of values! I began to look at the world with different eyes. Raisa has become a dear person! I am eternally grateful to her!


24 – 30 April 2023
04 – 10 May 2023
14 – 20 May 2023

Associated Studios, London

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